About Us

We, an enthusiastic group of entrepreneurs are launching a startup venture, CRIKEY VENTURES Pvt. Ltd. * focused on digital marketing and passive income. Ancient Musiris Port served as a business corridor. Historical documents clearly mention that home grown spices and rare diamonds from abroad were also traded through this corridor. Inheriting from this 2500-year-old heritage, we designed a digital corridor from present day Musiris. Goods and Service providers have hard time reaching modern customers through traditional marketing systems. We provide them CRIKEY DIGITAL CORRIDOR, a promoter driven digital platform to enhance customer interaction.

Our one year pilot project with 847 users turned highly efficient and successful. Entrepreneurs were requested to post / provide their goods and services. Promoters shared these product details through social media to their customer groups. Customers booked/ordered the products online as well as offline. Investors, Entrepreneurs and Promoters were paid accordingly.

* CIN: U72900KL2017PTC051137

  • Our Mission
    Provide full time/part time income source for 1 Crore genuine individuals. Promote affordable products and services from quality conscious entrepreneurs.
  • Our Vision
    Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) lacking digital marketing strategies easily perish. We help them flourish through our highly effective promoter driven e commerce system. Our Digital Corridor enhance customer interaction.

Meet Our Team

Pradeep Poolany


Shibu Shankar


Antony Deign

Founder Director/CEO

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