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    When this product was conceived by Technorbital in close association with NCL, Pune, the idea was to come up with a SIMPLE SOLUTION (almost a plug & play types) that is HIGHLY efficient (that can run without interruptions), effective (produce absolutely clear water – in terms of composition and aesthetics), have better longevity, should be easy to maintain/replace and VERY affordable.

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    • Uses polymeric hollow-fibre membranes developed by CSIR-Pune with Technorbital’s next generation specialty PAN
    • The polypropylene pre-filter removes dust, dirt and turbidity from the raw water
    • The activated carbon pre-filter removes foul smell, raw taste, chlorine, pesticides and volatile organic compounds from the raw water
    • The specialty hollow fiber membrane removes all viruses and bacteria from the raw water causing diseases like Jaundice, Polio, Diarrhea, Cholera, Typhoid and Dysentery.
    • Eco-friendly and operates without electricity
    • Produces 500- 2000 liters of drinking water in just one hour
    • Easy to operate, clean and maintain
    • Membrane life – up to 2-3 years*
    • No wastage of water
    • Retains the essential minerals in drinking water
    • Also available Portable/Mobile Tech-Jal Water Filtration System.
      *Depending on raw quality of water
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